Two Des Moines Residents Exceed Bluegill Limit by 128 Fish

dnrTwo Des Moines residents were cited for allegedly being over limit of bluegills at Lake Ahquabi on Saturday afternoon, after a nearby angler called the Turn in Poacher’s hotline.

Park ranger Craig Oberbroeckling charged Win Maw, 47, and Alom Sayabongchana, 69, both of Des Moines, with five counts each of being over limit of fish. Maw and Sayabongchana allegedly exceeded their daily limit by 128 bluegills.

Fines and liquidated damages totaled $577.50 each and they face a three year suspension of their fishing license. Oberbroeckling also seized their fishing equipment. A court date has been set for June 10.

“This case would not have been possible without a concerned angler making a call to the Turn in Poacher’s hotline,” Oberbroeckling said.

Iowa fishing regulations allow anglers to harvest 25 bluegills per day.



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