Flooding May Make For A Challenging Holiday Weekend For Iowa Boaters

Iowa — All the recent rain has pushed up water levels in Iowa’s lakes, rivers, and streams, flooding many waterways — with a busy boating holiday just ahead.

Susan Stocker, the Iowa DNR’s boating law administrator and education coordinator, says Iowa has more than 211 thousand registered boats, and anyone who plans to get on the water over the next few days will need to be very careful.

Because of all that flooding, she says Iowans may need to do a little homework before heading off with their watercraft.

Memorial Day weekend is often the first time of the year on the water for many boaters, and Stocker suggests they take time to review Iowa’s boating laws, and plan to have patience at the ramp and on the water. Give your boat a close inspection while it’s still in the slip, and if you’re using a trailer, make sure to give it a once-over as well.

Stocker suggests you file a float plan with a friend, including your destination, expected time of return and type of boat.

She says the top two safety violations in Iowa are having inadequate life jackets and operating too fast and too close to other vessels. The DNR offers a free boating safety course online: http://www.iowadnr.gov/Things-to-Do/Boating/Boater-Education


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