More Information Released On Woodbury County Voter Fraud

Sioux City, Iowa — The FBI says it is continuing the investigation of alleged voter fraud by the wife of Woodbury County Supervisor, and former congressional candidate, Jeremy Taylor. Kim Taylor was arrested and charged January 12th with 52 counts of alleged voter fraud in the 2020 primary and general elections. Woodbury County Auditor Pat Gill says he became aware of an issue when a local voter who was an Iowa State University student contacted him about his name being used on a ballot.

The brother of that student also reported his name was used on an absentee ballot. Gill contacted the Secretary of State, and was advised to call the FBI. Gill says two of his staff members alerted him to several write-in ballots from the 2020 primary that had been cast, but didn’t look right.

Gill says Jeremy Taylor’s name was the name on all the ballots in question.

Gill says the FBI asked to see all the ballots, and then started their investigation. He says the election safeguards in place to validate ballots and identify voters works, and led to the charges in the case.

Jeremy Taylor has not released a statement about the allegations.

The 2020 primary race for Iowa’s Fourth Congressional District wherein a portion the alleged fraud that occurred which Kim Taylor is charged with was won by then-State Senator Randy Feenstra of Hull, who then proceeded to win the general election to represent Iowa’s Fourth Congressional District on Capitol Hill. The entire KIWA listening area in the state of Iowa lays entirely in the Fourth Congressional District.

This is an update to a previous story, the original of which can be found here.


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