Inwood Fire Department Fights Field Fire

Inwood, Iowa – The Inwood Fire Department responded to a field fire on Saturday, March 12, 2016 near Inwood.
Fire Department Grass Rig
According to Scott Hanson with the Inwood Fire Department, about 1:00 PM, the Inwood Fire Department was called to the report of field fire at 1855 190th Street, a mile south and a half a mile east of the West Lyon School.

He says they fought the fire with grass rigs and tankers.

He says the people living there had lit a tree pile on fire and it got out of control, burning grass, a former cattle yard, and some of a field. He says it was a total of about two acres.

Hanson reports real damage was minimal, as the fire department was able to keep the fire from buildings and other property.

He says crews were on scene for about a half hour.

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