Kurtz Compares & Contrasts Recent Blizzard Events

Kurtz, Vincent 495 Clarinda, IASheldon, Iowa — This week’s blizzard was markedly different than the one we experienced last week that dumped more than a foot of snow to go along with the high winds.

Iowa State Patrol Trooper Vince Kurtz was on the KIWA Morning Show Tuesday morning, and talked about the differences he saw, having worked during each storm.

Kurtz said that he, along with a sheriff’s deputy and a tow truck, were called out to rescue a motorist who had been stranded for a couple of hours after becoming stuck on a gravel road.  He said the blizzard was definitely a life-threatening event, and the outcome for this particular stranded motorist could have been much worse had he decided to walk for help instead of remaining with his vehicle.

Kurtz shared an old joke that continues to make the rounds among troopers that he says has a ring of truth to it.

Trooper Kurtz assured listeners that, had he been off-duty during these past two blizzards he would not have been out on the roads.  He reminds us that when the authorities advise no travel they do so because it simply isn’t safe to be out.

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