New Law: Iowans Able To Carry Handguns On Snowmobiles And ATVs

handgun-gunDes Moines, Iowa — A bill signed into law by Iowa Governor Terry Branstad on Tuesday (April 5th) would make it legal, in some cases, to carry firearms while operating snowmobiles or ATVs in the state of Iowa.

Prior to the enactment of the new law, HF2283, it was illegal to carry firearms on a snowmobile or ATV unless they were unloaded and enclosed in a carrying case.  The new law says that an individual can carry a loaded handgun on a snowmobile or ATV on land the person owns or possesses, with or without a Permit To Carry Weapons, so long as the person’s conduct is otherwise lawful.

The law goes on to say that a person may carry a loaded handgun while riding a snowmobile or ATV on land they do NOT own or possess, so long as that person possesses, and displays upon request, a valid Permit To Carry Weapons issued to that person, so long as the person’s conduct is otherwise lawful.

In both instances, the firearm would be required to be secured in a retention holster upon the rider’s person.

The law still prohibits firing a firearm from a snowmobile or ATV, except in specific circumstances.

The new law that Governor Branstad signed Tuesday will go into effect July 1st.

To read HF2283, please click here.

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