Tulips Getting Ready To Bloom For Tulip Festival

Orange City, Iowa — As is quite often the case around this time of year, people are concerned. They’re concerned that with the weather we’ve had that the tulips won’t be in bloom for Orange City’s Tulip Festival, which is always the third weekend in May. Friesen Friesen

No doubt some of this concern stems from the fact that many tulip bulbs that are left in the ground from year-to-year tend to bloom in April.

Tulip Festival spokesperson Julianna Pennings says that there’s no need to be concerned. She tells us how tulips are done in Orange City.

She says they know the weather can be unpredictable so they plant several varieties of tulips including early, mid, and late-blooming tulips so that they almost always have some beautiful blooms for the festival.

The Tulip Festival Steering Committee says besides, the festival is about much more than tulips. The events that are the most popular happen every day, including the Dutch Dozen performances, Straat Feest, Street Scrubbing, and Volksparade.

Again, Orange City’s Tulip Festival is always the third weekend in May. This year that’s May 19th through the 21st.

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