April 28, 2016

Tulips Getting Ready To Bloom For Tulip Festival

Orange City, Iowa — As is quite often the case around this time of year, people are concerned. They’re concerned that with the weather we’ve had that the tulips won’t

UPDATE – Sioux Falls Homicide Suspect Apprehended

Southeast Wyoming — A man police believe shot another man outside of a casino in Sioux Falls on Friday, April 22nd has been located. The Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office reports that

Fire Department Saves Buildings

Inwood, Iowa — The Inwood Fire Department may have saved some buildings on an acreage near Inwood from going up in flames on Wednesday. According to Inwood Fire Chief Mike

Weekly Dakota Angler Fishing Report

Sioux Falls, South Dakota — Todd Heitkamp, the owner of Dakota Angler in Sioux Falls, SD, provides the latest fishing report for the Tri-State area of Minnesota, Iowa, and South