Fire Department Saves Buildings

Inwood, Iowa — The Inwood Fire Department may have saved some buildings on an acreage near Inwood from going up in flames on Wednesday.
According to Inwood Fire Chief Mike Knobloch, the Inwood Fire Department and Rescue Squad was called out about ten minutes before 10 AM, to the report of a structure fire about four miles east of Inwood, near the corner of A42 and Dogwood Avenue.

But when they got there, he says firefighters were made aware that the main building on fire — an old corn crib — had been intentionally set on fire, in preparation for its removal. However, the property owners became concerned that the fire was too hot and too fast-moving, and that it was threatening other buildings on the property, so they called the fire department.

Knobloch says that within about five minutes of their arrival, the target building had collapsed and was burning itself out. He says they sprayed the nearby buildings with water to prevent an unintentional fire.

The chief says there was no damage to speak of except for the building that was being burned intentionally, and that firefighters were on scene for about an hour.