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WinField United’s InterLock Can Reduce Dicamba Drift By 60%

(IARN) — Dicamba has been a hot button issue for a few years. The product has been invaluable for producers who use it to fight weeds in their soybeans. However, it has posed a problem for some who aren’t using it. Dicamba drift has done damage to fields which do not use the traits. It has led to wilted plants, stunted growth, and sometimes lower yields. Drift has also led to further costs for producers in the form of resprays.

The issue has been important enough that the Federal Government and some states have their own programs to manage its use. Iowa currently does not have a specific set of rules and follows the Federal guidelines. It has also served as a platform to help remind farmers about the fundamentals of spraying during the proper conditions.

WinField United says their InterLock product that has shown favorable results in reducing the drift problems.

The main problem with dicamba drift is in the fine droplets that form in a crosswind, or even by the draft associated just with the tractor’s movement through the fields. Producers are using drift reduction adjuvants (DRAs) to help thicken the tank mix and cut down on drift. WinField United’s Lillian Magidow is a senior research manager. She tells us these DRAs, while helpful, aren’t a magic bullet.
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Story and image courtesy of the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network