Changes coming in how winter storm warnings are issued to Iowans

Statewide Iowa — Even though temperatures are in the 50s and 60s lately, there will be a time down the road, perhaps soon, when snow arrives in Iowa — and lots of it. Meteorologist Chad Hahn, at the National Weather Service in Johnston, says they’re launching new guidelines which stipulate how winter storm watches and warnings are issued, based on the amount of snow that’s predicted to fall. Read more

New Sheldon Water Operator Hiring Approved By Council

Sheldon, Iowa — During Wednesday’s Sheldon City Council meeting, the council approved the hiring of Scott Ruden as full-time Water Operator, at an hourly salary of $23.02 plus benefits. Ruden is scheduled to begin work on November 30th. Read more

AAA: Get your car prepped now if you’re taking a road trip next week

Statewide Iowa — Iowa’s roads will be crowded next week as it’s projected to be the fourth-busiest travel week since 2005. If you’ll be heading down the highway to see friends or family for Thanksgiving, Triple-A-Iowa spokesman Brian Ortner says it could save you plenty of hassles to give your vehicle a preventative check-up now. Read more

Virtual cattle fencing being used in Wisconsin

IARN — We are always looking for the latest in technological advances. Trying to better what we do, so we can work smarter and not harder. One of those tedious jobs that many livestock producers do is putting up fences. Whether it is digging post holes or hammering in stakes, it can take a long time to make very short progress. What if I were to tell you that there is a way to keep your livestock in their area, without using a fence at all? Well, not a fence in the physical sense. Read more

A new water quality product available for you in 2024

IARN — Another option when it comes to improving water quality on your farm and benefiting your crops will introduce you to a new product from Helena. There’s a lot of information being disseminated during the 80th National Association of Farm Broadcasting Convention including a lot of discovery on new products and Bill Smith with Helena explains their opportunity in the marketplace as it relates to helping improve your farms water quality.

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