Sioux Center Man Faces Felony Charge Of Possession In A Correctional Facility

Sioux Center, Iowa — The night could have ended differently for a Sioux Center man, who would have only been charged with a misdemeanor count of Operating While Intoxicated, but when he was being booked into the Sioux County Jail, jailers allegedly found meth.

According to court records, 28-year-old Enmanuel Benitez Cruz of Sioux Center was stopped by a Sioux Center Police Officer after the officer found him weaving while driving. In addition to other evidence, the officer says he failed sobriety tests, and he was taken to jail in Orange City. That would have been the end of the night, but while he was being booked in, methamphetamine was allegedly found in Benitez Cruz’s wallet. While possession of meth in the quantity that was found is usually only a misdemeanor, possession of meth in a correctional facility is a class D felony.

At last report, Benitez Cruz remained in the Sioux County jail, charged with OWI and possession in a correctional facility, as well as no valid driver’s license, driving on the wrong side of a highway, possession of a controlled substance, and open container.