8th Graders Return From Nation’s Capitol

Washington Tour GroupHartley, Iowa — We told you last week about a group of 8th graders from the Hartley, Melvin and Sanborn area who took a trip to Washington, DC.  Two of the youth who made the trek to our nation’s capitol talked to KIWA about their experiences on that trip.

Adam Heyn says that, after a midnight bus trip to Omaha, followed by an early morning flight to DC, the group hit the ground running.  He said that one of the highlights of the first day of the trip was a visit to George Washington’s home, Mount Vernon.


Another of the stops on the first day was the Pentagon.  Heyn says he was amazed at the level of security at that location.


Another of the students who made the trip to Washington, DC, was Easton Thorn.  He said that the group’s visit to Arlington National Cemetery, where they laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, was a very moving experience.


Easton told us that the group also visited the Senate side of the Capitol Building, as well as the Washington Monument.


Easton said he came away from the trip with a stark realization.


Adam and Easton were two of the 24 eighth graders, and 6 chaperons, who left Hartley shortly after midnight on April 1st, and arrived home in the wee hours of Easter morning.



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