Council Discusses Possibility Of EMS Coordinator

Council ChambersSheldon, Iowa — When the Sheldon City Council met Wednesday they reviewed the budget figures which included changes that had been made at the budget session last week. The Council will not act to approve the budget until after a public hearing which will be held March 4th at 4:30 pm.

At their previous session the Council had several questions concerning the proposal to hire a full time coordinator for Emergency Services. On Wednesday, City Manager Scott Wynja reported that he had discussed the proposal with Rick Nordahl of Sanford Sheldon. The hospital already provides office space for ambulance personnel and many times provides nurses to go with the ambulance on transfers of patients to other hospitals. There is a possibility that the hospital could hire an additional person who would also work with Sheldon Emergency Services on a contract basis. More discussions will have to take place to see if this is a possibility. The additional funds were left in the budget to be available if needed.

In other business the Council agreed to begin the process of bringing the City’s urban renewal plan up to date. This will require updating progress on current projects and projecting future projects , all written up with specific language. The 24 page document needs to be updated every two years.

In other business, Council members have mentioned the need for a review of the cable TV franchise with HTC Communications. The City Attorney will look into the changes in regulatory rules that might affect this agreement.

And, the Council went into closed session for an Evaluation of the City Manager. No formal action was taken after that session, but Mayor Katricia Meendering commented that it was a ‘good evaluation.’



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