Firefighting More Difficult In Very Cold Weather

Northwest Iowa — There have been a number of fire calls recently — and it’s also been quite cold recently. That’s a combination that causes problems for firefighters.

We talked with Sibley Fire Chief Ken Huls about fighting fires in bitterly cold conditions. He says it’s obviously something firefighters wish they could avoid.

Huls says firefighters also have two pairs of gloves so that they can switch when the first pair gets icy and frozen up.

He says not only is it hard on firefighters, but it takes some extra care to deal with firefighting equipment in bitterly cold conditions.

He says on top of that, when it’s cold is when people need to keep warm, and many of the ways to keep warm are at least somewhat of a fire hazard.

Huls says they want you to always think about fire safety, but when it gets really cold, he says they’d appreciate it if you’d be especially careful.



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