First Northwest Iowa Highway Roundabout Opens At Orange City

Orange City, Iowa — While Sheldon has had a type of roundabout — called a traffic circle — for several years near the Crossroads Pavilion Events Center, the Iowa DOT says the first roundabout intersection on a northwest Iowa highway is now open at Orange City.

DOT officials say the project to construct the roundabout connecting Iowa Highway 10 and Jay Avenue was a collaborative effort between the Iowa Department of Transportation and the city of Orange City.

The DOT says “Working together for your safety, the Iowa DOT and the Orange City officials took into consideration the growth in the area that includes proposed commercial and industrial development, a new residential area, and the opening of a new school.”

The DOT says driving a roundabout isn’t difficult. The main things to keep in mind are to enter the roundabout by turning right and to yield to traffic already in the roundabout.

They tell us you can check out interesting facts about roundabouts and get some tips for navigating them at



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