Flood Insurance Rate Maps in Appeals Process

O’Brien County, Iowa — Following 2008’s flood event, Iowa DNR and Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) received funds to remap each county and create new flood insurance rate maps.

The two bureaucracies entered into an agreement to develop and maintain accurate flood hazard data. Many areas never before mapped are now part of the mapping effort. The project has been ongoing throughout Iowa, and O’Brien County is now in the preliminary stages of establishing a map of “special flood hazard areas.”

From September 14, 2019 until December 13, 2019 each property owner can appeal the mapping of his or her property as related to special flood hazard boundaries.

The Special Flood Hazard Boundaries can affect federally backed mortgages and flood rates through either the National Flood Insurance Program or other available flood insurance.

To see how the new flood boundaries may affect your property the preliminary map of O’Brien County can be seen at http://www.obrienema.org. Click the “resources” link and then the Iowa Flood Maps link then the “View Maps” button (on two consecutive pages). Select your county and explore.

If you disagree with how your property, in whole or in part, has been mapped, either into or out of a “special flood hazard area”, you may file an appeal. A completed appeal must be returned to the O’Brien County Supervisors no later than December 13, 2019. Delivery to the Auditor’s office may be the easiest.

A 13-page appeal guide is available on the county’s EMA website. Assistance may be available if needed by contacting Jared Johnson, O’Brien County EMA Director at 712-757-4305.

Story courtesy of our News Partner O’Brien County Bell-Times-Courier

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