Hull Christian Students Practice Dangerous Situations

Hull, Iowa — Students and faculty at Hull Christian School are better prepared now, should a dangerous person be found in the school.
Hull Christian Evacuation Drill Nov 2015
The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office reports that their officers practiced safety drills with the first through eighth grade students at Hull Christian School on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015. They say that these drills included several hands-on safety exercises with all of the students and faculty of Hull Christian School.

Sheriff’s officials say the drills taught students and staff things they can do to prepare if they encounter a dangerous person inside the school. They report the students and staff were also shown how to utilize group safety countermeasures if the person tries to enter one of their classrooms. Everyone also practiced evacuation plans they can use to stay safe in the event that the dangerous person is somewhere inside of the building. The evacuation drills were practiced together as a student body as well as in each individual class.

Captain Jamison Van Voorst says, “We hope that we don’t have to actually use these ideas; but, if we ever do, we know that these students and staff members will already be actively thinking about how to react to the danger and help each other stay safe.”