If You Have An Appointment Or Are Visiting Sanford Sheldon, You Need A Mask

Sheldon, Iowa — The hospital in Sheldon wants people to know that they still need to wear masks when they come in for appointments.

Sanford Sheldon is reminding patients that face masks are still required to help keep staff members and other patients safe.

Dr. Amy Badberg at Sanford Sheldon says that as the state is reopening, and Sanford is easing visitor restrictions for hospital inpatients and clinic appointments, Sanford officials are still being very cautious and are requiring face masks to be worn. She also says they are not able to allow visitors into the nursing home.

According to Badberg, it is very important their patients feel comfortable and safe, and, “wearing a mask is one of the precautions that will help with that.”

While no visitors are allowed in Sanford Sheldon Senior Care, Sanford Health has announced updated visitor restrictions for hospital and clinic appointments. One adult visitor at a time is allowed per patient per day. All patients and visitors are required to wear a facemask (self-made, purchased cloth, or surgical) at all times.

Badberg says they do have a supply of face masks available for those who need one, but they also need the public’s assistance to ensure Sanford continues to have a supply available. She says that if you have a face mask of your own and are planning to visit the medical center or clinic, please remember to bring it with you. For more information, contact the Sanford Sheldon at 712-324-5356.

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