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It’s Showtime! Krull Cinemas Expect Classic Movies and Something New

Sheldon, Iowa — Krull Cinema’s Main Street 3 in Sheldon and the Holland Plaza Cinema in Orange City are opening up the vault and bringing back the classics when the theaters open this Friday, May 29th.

Aaron Krull, owner of Krull Cinemas in Sheldon and Orange City tells us what will be playing at the Sheldon Main Street 3

(As Said “So we’ve got Jurassic Park, the original from 1993, I believe, we’ve got American Graffiti, the classic, and we’ve also got the very first Shrek, Shrek number 1)

And he tells us the movies that will be playing at the Holland Plaza Theater

(As Said “We’ve got Jaws, the original, we’ve got Grease, and we’ve got Land Before Time”)

New to Krull Cinemas, adults can enjoy some new beverages

(As Said “Yeah, we finally pulled the trigger, and we’ve got both beer and wine available at both locations. We’ll have 16 ounce cans of beer, and i believe 8 ounce bottles of wine. One beer and one bottle of wine limited for now per person. Trying to keep down on the underage or under sale or what ever. We’re excited, finally movies are back. Just got my movies today, so i’m looking forward to loading them up tonight and tomorrow, making sure everything works when the doors open Friday”)

With many people enjoying theater popcorn from Krull Cinemas, he says you can still stop by and grab some anytime the cinemas are open.

(As Said “Well, people can just come in. If you guys aren’t coming to a movie, and if people are just going to stay home and cozy up at night, they are more than welcome to still walk in and grab a large tub of popcorn. We did a promo price for the COVID for six dollars, but a large tub of popcorn is six fifty now which is what it’s always been, but people can still come in and get their popcorn or their candy for a movie at home so your’re not limited to just going to the movies. Anyone can come in, but beware of the social distancing and everything else that we’re going to try to do. All of our theaters are at fifty percent capacity and we’re trying to follow all the guidelines that were passed down from the state but people can still get their popcorn any time they want as long as the movie theater is open”)

You can find the movie times for this weekend by clicking HERE

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