LLRC To Move To Phase 3 Of Reopening On Monday

Sheldon, Iowa — The LLRC will begin phase 3 of their reopening plan on Monday, August 17th.

Dr. Greta Giese, director of the Lifelong Learning And Recreation Center at Northwest Iowa Community College, says Phase 3 will coincide with the return of students to the campus of NCC.

(as said) “We will enter phase 3 of our reopening plan on Monday august 17th, as NCC starts our fall semester.” Giese says. “Our housing students here on campus move back on the 17th and 18th, and we start class on August 19th. So as we start that fall semester, we have continued to assess, here at the LLRC, how we can move forward with our reopening plan, and our strategy.”

Phase 3 includes the LLRC being open longer, as well as the center being open on Saturday and Sundays.

(as said) “We are going to be open a little bit longer, so we’ve updated our facility hours, which will start Monday August 17th, we’ll expand to weekends. Prior to this we have not been open on the weekends, we’ve just been offering weekday hours of operation, so we are expanding that to Saturdays and Sundays. So on Saturday, we are going to be open 5:30 AM to 10 AM, and then we’ll take a one hour break were we will close the facility for a deep cleaning from 10 A.M to 11 A.M. We’ll reopen from 11 AM to 3 PM, then we’ll be closed again for that one hour for disinfecting time from 3 to 4, and then we’ll be open again from 4 PM to 6 PM, and then on Sundays, we’ll do staggered hours with those deep cleaning times in between. We’ll be open from 1 PM to 5 PM, and then again from 6 PM to 9 PM.” Giese says.

Dr. Giese says they will also be opening up area capacities, group classes, and locker rooms.

(as said) “We also are expanding some of our area capacities, so more people can be in various spaces. We hope to add some more group fitness classes, we have been having some small group fitness classes here at the facility five days a week, and so we hope to continue to expand that. Our locker rooms are going to be open. In the previous iteration of our reopening strategy, we haven’t been comfortable with having those showers and locker rooms open, though we have decided that in phase 3, everybody’s been doing a great job of following policy, and we are able to do that. We’re gonna have additional basketball court use out here”

Dr. Giese says they will keep assessing the situation as time goes on to fully open the LLRC.

(as said) “and we’re just gonna keep assessing. That’s kind of where we’re at is assessing what we can safely do, and we’re working hard to keep the LLRC open and, hopefully, continue to, you know, listen to our members feedback, and listen to our public health personnel and our colleges so that we can make adjustments as needed, and continue to, in a ‘phase way’, reopen the LLRC with concern and care.”

Once again, phase 3 will take effect on Monday, August 17th.

For more information head to the LLRC website at nwicc.edu/llrc



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