Man To Plead Guilty In Plea Bargain In 2006 Stabbing Case

Orange City, Iowa — A man who once lived in Maurice and had evaded capture for nearly nine years has agreed to plea “guilty” in a plea agreement in regard to a 2006 stabbing.
Sioux County Courthouse front_sva

According to court documents, now-37-year-old Roberto Martinez-Marcial, also known as Carlos Osuna was accused of assaulting a man who was with Martinez-Marcial’s ex-girlfriend in a home in Sioux Center in December of 2006.

But until August of this year, Martinez-Marcial had evaded law enforcement by living under assumed names and false identification. Authorities finally apprehended him in July of this year in Wichita, Kansas.

Martinez-Marcial originally pled not guilty in August of this year, but in a plea agreement, he agreed to plead guilty to assault with intent to commit serious injury, third-degree burglary instead of first degree burglary, and going armed with intent. The ageement says he will serve a six-month jail sentence on the assault charge. It also says he will receive a suspended five-year prison sentence on the other two charges. He will be subject to deportation when he is released.

The sentencing date has not yet been set.

When Martinez-Marcial was arrested on the outstanding warrant in July, Sioux County Attorney Thomas Kunstle reviewed the case and found assault with intent to commit serious injury to be a more accurate charge than attempted murder. So that charge was changed at that time.