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MidAmerican Warns Of Higher Natural Gas Price

Statewide Iowa — MidAmerican Energy is warning natural gas customers the cost of heating is going to be a lot more this winter.

Spokesman Geoff Greenwood says the cost to the company to acquire the natural gas has changed dramatically.

Greenwood says the cost for the company to buy the natural gas is the same cost that customers are charged.

Greenwood says there are some other factors outside the price of natural gas that can impact your bill.

He says MidAmerican takes some steps to try and mitigate the price of natural gas.

Greenwood says you can look for ways to winterize your home to save on heating bills. And if you need help he says they want to help you.

Greenwood talks about the issues impacting the price of natural gas.

There is state heating assistance available through the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP.

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