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Minnesota Gets An ‘A’, South Dakota ‘B’, Iowa ‘C’ In Social Distancing

United States — A company that tracks peoples’ movements via their cell phones says South Dakotans and Minnesotans are doing a pretty good job keeping social distance and Iowa could do better. gives South Dakota a grade of “B” for people driving 31% less than before the coronavirus crisis. Minnesota earned an “A” for decreasing travel by 46 percent, and Iowa earned a C.

The District of Columbia ranked the best for reducing it travel while Wyoming got the only “F,” having not reduced travel it all.


-MINNESOTA, A, 46% less travel
-NEBRASKA, B, 34% less travel
-NORTH DAKOTA, B, 33% less travel
-SOUTH DAKOTA, B, 31% less travel
-IOWA, C, 29% less travel
-MONTANA, D, 15% less travel
-WYOMING, F, 0% less travel

Story Courtesy KELO Radio News

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