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NCC Skills USA Presents 25th Charitable Chariot Friday Morning

Sheldon, Iowa — A refugee from Ukraine was the recipient, Friday morning, of the 25th vehicle to be given away by the Northwest Iowa Community College SkillsUSA program.

Petro Takalo was the recipient of a 2009 Chevrolet Malibu that had been repaired and refurbished by NCC SkillsUSA automotive students. NCC Instructor Chuck Ball talks about what the students did to prepare the car.

Ball says the preparation of the Charitable Chariots vehicles not only provides vehicles for those in serious need, but provides hands-on training and experience for the various automotive classes at the college.

He says that, on average, the donated vehicles take about a year to get ready to give away.

The recipient of the 25th Charitable Chariot, Petro Takalo, who now lives in Boyden, is a Ukraine refugee who was stuck in limbo in France for a period of time, but is now living in Sioux County. He has never before owned a vehicle, always relying on public transportation, as is part of the Ukraine culture.

Image at top of page: Petro Takalo is presented the keys to his new NCC SkillsUSA Charitable Chariot Friday morning. (Photo by KIWA Staff)