O’Brien County Food Pantry Needs Your Help

O’Brien County, Iowa — Despite generous donations, the O’Brien County Food Pantry is finding its shelves bare of several necessity items due to the recent large numbers of residents needing the Food Pantry’s assistance.

Brenda Collier of Upper Des Moines Opportunity, the organization that runs the O’Brien County Food Bank, says they have a great need for some specific items.

If you would like to help out the O’Brien County Food Pantry, Collier tells us where to drop off your donations.

If you’re in Sheldon, you can drop off your items at O’Brien County Implement, which is located just north of Highway 18 on Country Club Road.

If you’d like to make a monetary contribution to the Food Pantry Collier tells us where you should send your check.

Collier thanks everyone who has donated to the O’Brien County Food Pantry, and humbly requests your continued support.

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