O’Brien County Land Brings $14,350 Per Acre

Sanborn, Iowa — A tract of land in O’Brien County was sold for over $14,000 per acre recently.

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file photo

The 40-acre farm brought $14,350 per acre when it was sold on April 24th, according to Vander Werff and Associates auctioneers in Sanborn. They report the farm is located east of Sanborn, and that of the 40 acres, 37 of them are quality tillable cropland. The Corn Suitability Rating 2 is 97.6 out of a possible 100.

We talked to Todd Hatterman at Vander Werff.

He says $14,350 per acre is high for O’Brien County. But they might get those kind of prices a little more commonly in Sioux County or elsewhere.

He says there were a lot of factors that drove up the price in that auction — it was a little smaller piece so more people could afford it, it was surveyed so they knew right away how much land it was exactly, and it was ready to farm that day with no waiting.

He says even when northwest Iowa was seeing record prices in the $20,000s in Sioux County with seven dollar corn, high O’Brien prices were only in the 14’s and maybe 15’s.

They say bidding started at $8,500 and that there were five active bidders. A local farmer was the buyer.



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