O’Brien County Republican Running For Congress Against Feenstra

Gaza, Iowa — A Republican from the O’Brien County village of Gaza wants the job of Iowa Congressman Randy Feenstra, who is also from our area. Feenstra is from Hull. His challenger from Gaza is Kevin Virgil.

It is unusual that both of the Republican candidates who will be squaring off in the June Primary are from our area, especially since the Fourth District goes as far east as Marshalltown and as far south as the Missouri border. But, nonetheless, here we are.

Virgil tells us a little about his background.

He expands on that a little.

He says the main issue that got him interested in politics is the proposed carbon capture pipeline issue.

Virgil gave us a few more examples where he and Congressman Feenstra disagree.

According to Virgil, the nation should not be giving hundreds of millions of dollars of foreign aid when the nation is 34 trillion dollars in debt. He says it doesn’t put America first — and he says if he’s elected — if a bill doesn’t put America first, he won’t vote for it.

For more information about Virgil and his campaign, he invites you to visit virgilforcongress.com. He says if you’d like to know what he stands for, you can click on “issues.”



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