Osceola Community Health Weekly COVID Vaccination Update

Sibley, Iowa — Each Friday afternoon, Osceola Community Health Services posts a Facebook video highlighting news and status of COVID-19 vaccination efforts in Osceola County.

This past Friday, Director of Public Health Pam Juber talked about the pause in administering the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

(As above) “Actually there was six cases identified of women in the ages of 18 to 48 and these symptoms occurred six to thirteen days after they had received the vaccine.”

Juber says each of the six developed a very rare type of blood clot and that none of them were from Iowa.

(As above) “None of these cases occurred in Iowa, from what we were told. And, again (it’s) very, very rare. I believe about 6.8 million doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine has been given and six cases of this rare blood clotting disorder developed. Actually, less than one in a million chances of developing this, so (it’s) very rare.” 

Juber says if you received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine there’s no need for panic, but she says there are some things you should watch for, up to three weeks after receiving your vaccine.

(As above) “To anyone that has received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, if you were to develop a severe headache, abdominal pain, leg pain, shortness of breath, or any new or easy bruising those would be reasons to contact your healthcare provider or to seek medical care.”

Even though the Johnson & Johnson vaccines are still on hold, she says they do have the Moderna vaccine on hand and will be holding a vaccination clinic this Thursday.

(As above) “We continue to give the Moderna vaccine, which is a two-dose vaccine twenty-eight days apart. Our demand for vaccine has leveled off, but to date we’ve given over 2,500 doses. We did have a clinic this week and we do plan to have a clinic next week on Thursday the 22nd. That vaccine is available to anyone 18 years of age and older. So if you’re interested, by all means give us a call here at the office and we’ll take your name and we’ll get you scheduled for our clinic.”

Friday April 16th’s Facebook video may be viewed below……



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