Reynolds: “Stay Home And Help Save A Life”

Statewide Iowa — Certain types of businesses, as well as swimming pools and spas have been closed here in Iowa in an attempt to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Iowa hospitals are postponing elective surgeries, and Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds is asking Iowans to VOLUNTARILY shelter in place.

(As above) “If you do not need to leave your house to help your family or other Iowans respond to this disaster, stay home,” Reynolds said. 

The governor of Illinois issued a “shelter in place” ORDER this weekend, and other states are taking similar steps. But Reynolds says the data about the spread of COVID-19 in Iowa doesn’t indicate that step is necessary.

(As above) “Just overall traffic has seen a 47 percent drop from a year ago, but truck traffic is normal,” Reynolds says. “…People that are providing the essential services are out still there, but Iowans are starting to hear the message and they are staying home.”

Reynolds announced Tuesday that 145 Iowans in 26 counties have tested positive for COVID-19 and seven have been hospitalized. State officials say those numbers are expected to increase as more testing is done. President Trump cited Iowa’s current data during a Monday evening news conference as he talked about reopening areas of the country and the economy as quickly as possible. Reynolds is asking Iowans to practice social distancing and go solo when they run essential errands at the grocery store or pharmacy.

(As above) “We are not at a place where we’re going to order a shelter-in-place or a stay-at-home,” Reyolds says. “…We want to make sure that we’re making these decisions based on data and based on metrics so that we can be consistent in what we’re telling Iowans to make sure that we’re not shutting down a state where we don’t need to.”

Governor Reynolds posted a video online earlier this week, with this message: “stay home and help us save a life.”

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