Sibley Pool Fundraiser Continues

sibley poolSibley, Iowa — A fundraising campaign is underway in Sibley to replace the current Sibley Outdoor Aquatic Center.  This past weekend, the Pool Committee’s fundraising activities benefited from a Tractor Pull competition held at the Osceola County Fairgrounds in Sibley.  Committee Chair Shalynn Anderson says they’re still waiting for the final figures on how much their cause was boosted by that Tractor Pull.

Anderson tells KIWA that the existing pool in Sibley is well beyond it’s designed lifespan.

She says that the Pool Committee has set an ambitious goal in trying to raise the money to build a new outdoor aquatic center.

Anderson says the Pool Committee was formed late last year, and had their first major fundraiser in June of this year.

She says they’re very happy with the progress of the campaign, but that there is much work left to be done to see the new pool become reality.

Anderson says their next fundraising project is selling engraved pavers to be used at the new pool. She says that, for more information, you can visit the Sibley Outdoor Aquatic Center – Fill-It-Up page on Facebook.