Sioux Center Health, NCC Offer Free CNA Training

Sioux Center, Iowa — Free training to be a certified nurse aide is available in northwest Iowa. And there’s a meeting coming up where you can learn more. Plus, if English is not your first language, they’ve got a program made just for you.

Sioux Center Health has partnered with Northwest Iowa Community College to offer free Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) training and a conditional employment offer with Sioux Center Health. The informational meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 28 at 7:00 PM  at Royale Meadows in Sioux Center.
Sioux Center Health
Students will have the opportunity to complete a combination of pre-CNA classes taught by an English Language Learner instructor (as needed) and CNA classes taught by a certified CNA instructor. The pre-CNA class is an option for students needing extra help with English language medical terminology, and involves 25 hours of classroom instruction. Northwest Iowa Community College Enrollment Management Advisor Norma Azpeitia tells us more.

The CNA classes are designed to prepare students to better understand the knowledge and skills needed to care for residents in long-term care facilities. This course involves 75 hours of training including 30 hours of classroom instruction, 15 hours lab training and 30 hours of clinical experience.
Upon successful completion of the training, eligible students will be working at Sioux Center Health’s long-term care facility, Royale Meadows. Azpeitia says they may also be offered employment elsewhere in the Sioux Center Health system.

Azpeitia says that even if students don’t end up working for Sioux Center Health, there are probably other ways that they can get the training free of charge, and NCC will work with the students to help make that possible.

She tells us about the meeting coming up on Tuesday.

She says they’re happy they can offer this new opportunity to people seeking a job in the health care industry.

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