State Call Center Moving To Sioux Center

Sioux Center, Iowa — The State of Iowa’s domestic violence help line call center — is moving to Sioux Center.
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The call center is going to be a separate arm of the Family Crisis Center, according to Executive Director Shari Kastein.

She tells us how this came about.

She says the next step for them was to write a grant proposal.

She says they originally proposed to run a hotline not only for domestic violence victims but also victims of sexual assault, homicide, and other violent crimes. But that was not approved.

Kastein tells us about the leadership structure of the call center.

She says those taking the calls will not be dispatchers, where they take the call and then contact someone else to provide assistance.

She says there will be employment opportunities, as well as other benefits for the region.

Kastein says the initial grant proposal was for $750,000, but there may be much more coming their way, as the grant amount has not yet been finalized.

She says the call center will be in Sioux Center, but a physical location also has not yet been finalized.

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