Touch Of Hope To Help Raise Funds During Sheldon Crazy Day To Place Dogs With Vets

Sheldon, Iowa — Sheldon Crazy Day is coming up next week, and along with the usual ridiculous bargains, you’ll have a chance to learn about a program that helps veterans — and if you feel so inclined — to donate to the program.

Marlene Heerde with Touch Of Hope in Sheldon tells us about “Partners for Patriots.”

She tells us it takes a while and is pretty expensive to train these dogs.

So, she says they are going to be accepting donations during Sheldon Crazy Day on Wednesday, July 19th.

Heerde tells us they wanted to help inform people of the program.

Again, you can meet Holtrop and see what Partners for Patriots is all about during Sheldon Crazy Day on Wednesday, July 19th from 11 to 2 at Touch of Hope at 915 3rd Avenue in downtown Sheldon.