Trooper Says We Are In The 100 Deadliest Days Of The Year For Teen Drivers On The Road

Northwest Iowa — Iowa State Patrol Trooper Kevin Krull says we are in the midst of what some people call the “100 deadliest days of summer” on our roads.

Trooper Krull explains.

He says parents need to lead by example.

Trooper Krull says when they’re first starting out, they need to minimize in-car distractions, and sometimes that takes the path of fewer people in the car, especially other teens.

Troopers also remind teen drivers that having just one drink, or even part of a drink, may land a teen driver in deep legal trouble. Not only is teen drinking itself illegal, but Iowa also has a zero tolerance law, which limits the blood-alcohol content in a teenage driver to .02%, and it takes just a small amount of alcohol to reach that point.