UI Study: If The Weather Is Bad, Work From Home Or Delay Your Commute

Iowa City, Iowa — Studies find nearly 75-percent of crashes in Iowa happen in less than two inches of snow, and researchers at the University of Iowa are looking into the ideal commute times.

Professor Jon Davis, in the UI Department of Occupational and Environmental Health, says the timing of your drive can make a world of difference.

More people on the roads means more opportunities for a collision, and when the roads are slick from rain or snow, the risks of a fender-bender rise exponentially, especially during the busy morning commutes.

During the height of the pandemic lockdown, 40-percent of Iowans were working remotely, and that number is still 25-to-30-percent. When the weather’s foul, Davis suggests if you can work from home, do, or at least go in later if that’s allowed.

The UI research found workplaces that adopt policies for flexible work start times or for telecommuting will empower workers to avoid hazardous driving conditions.

If you have to be at work in person and the weather’s foul, remember to dress for the conditions, bring along blankets, snacks, water, have a fully-charged cell phone and a full tank of gas.



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