Unanimously Passed House Bill Sets Law Enforcement Standards For Buying Body Armo

Des Moines, Iowa — A bill that has cleared the Iowa House unanimously may protect officers in Iowa police and sheriff’s departments from faulty products, and it may help an Iowa company that makes body armor.

RMA in Centerville was formed by a retired police officer who also served as a Marine. Representative Austin Harris of Moulton toured the company about a month ago.

Harris says the ballistic plate inside the Chinese imitation is made with cheap, low quality steel that does not adequately protect those who are wearing it.

The bill would require Iowa law enforcement agencies using tax dollars buying body armor, like ballistic vests, to purchase products that meet the standards of the National institute of Justice.

Law enforcement agencies have to replace bullet proof vests periodically, as the gear has an expiration date. Experts at the National Research Institute of Justice say most standard body armor that’s properly stored and cared for has a five-year life span.



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