We Could See Some Snow As Spring Arrives

Sheldon, Iowa — Since we’re being told to stay home as much as possible, due to coronavirus, the upcoming weather event probably won’t have as big of an impact. But it’s still something we need to be aware of.

According to meteorologist Matthew Dux with the Sioux Falls office of the National Weather Service, while we could have drizzle and rain leading up to the storm, the most interesting weather comes our way Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

(as said:)”Again, we’re looking at a chance for showers maybe even a few rumbles of thunder as we move into Thursday morning. Now this rainfall could be a little bit heavier. We could see anywhere from a half an inch to an inch of rainfall across much of the area. But unfortunately, we’re going to see a reminder that we still have some remnants of winter across the region. Colder air begins to arrive Thursday afternoon and across the area. Some of that rain is going to turn over to some snow, especially late Thursday afternoon continuing into Thursday evening.”

And that won’t be the end of it, he says.

(as said:)”Once the snow does arrive we’re going to have a few different things happen. We’re going to be looking at some increased winds. Winds Thursday afternoon into Thursday night will gust up to 40 maybe 45 miles an hour at times. Snowfall amounts right now for portions of Iowa and adjacent areas of Minnesota are looking on the light side. We’re looking at anywhere from maybe an inch to as much as three inches in some isolated locations. The other thing is you’re going to notice a fairly rapid drop in temperatures. In the next couple of days we’ll be hanging out right around 40 to 45-degree range. Unfortunately, as we get to Thursday night and Friday temperatures may be nearly 30 degrees cooler where high temperatures on Friday are only going to be likely right around 20 degrees for a high temperature.”

Dux tells us that we will then start a slow climb in temperatures and we’ll be back to above normal by this time next week.





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