Expert: When Harvest Comes, The Rush Will Be On — Think Safety

Northwest Iowa — (RI) Harvest may be up to a month behind, since planting was about that far behind this spring — but now, while farmers are waiting to get into the fields — is a great time to think about harvest safety.

When the crop finally does mature, some hectic days are ahead for farmers, to be sure. Iowa State University professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering, Charles Schwab, says this year is an example of how tough the harvest season can be on the health of farmers. The late planting could lead to a later harvest and a rush to get all the crops in.

Schwab says one thing farmers need to do is take time to meet their nutritional and other needs during the harvest.

He says not taking care of yourself could end up causing more trouble in the long run.

Schwab says just remember you can get a lot done while still taking precautions.

The crop report out last Monday showed a minimal amount of crops had been harvested, and in northwest Iowa, only 16 percent of corn was mature enough to harvest, with 15 percent of soybeans dropping leaves.

Photo: KIWA stock photo, Dustin Bosch



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