John Deere revamps steering in MY 23.5 7-Series tractors

IARN — How many of you that drive a tractor or have driven one in a previous life, remember the constant need to keep moving the wheel ever so slightly back and forth to keep the tractor straight when traveling down the road? There was always a little play in the wheel to keep it pointed true. Some of us had that steering knob mounted on the wheel to help our hands keep the movement fluid without it becoming an actual pain. It is just a way of life on the farm, right?

John Deere says, “Not anymore.”

Last month, John Deere announced upgrades to their steering system that will be put into the Model Year 23.5 7-Series tractors. It will do away with that play in the steering wheel when traveling down the road. Ryan Jardon is the Go-To-Market Manager for John Deere tractors & tillage equipment. He talks about what producers will see in this new model year.

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Photo Courtesy of John Deere



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