Deer Harvest On Track For Normal Year

Des Moines, Iowa — A spokesman for the Iowa DNR says hunters are on pace for a good season harvest as the end of the second deer gun season approaches Sunday.

Pete Hildreth talked about the numbers at the Natural Resources Commission meeting Thursday.

The DNR report shows hunters in Clayton County have taken the most deer thus far at 3,390, followed by Allamakee County at 2,589. No other counties have topped two thousand deer taken, but a few are very close, including Winnesheik (1,943), Jackson, (1,941) Warren (1,814), Madison (1,888) and Dubuque (1,881).

He says the only downside is three hunting accidents last weekend.

There were two separate deer hunting incidents that involved shooting at deer that were running between two hunters and one hunter was struck by a wayward shot from another in their party. The other incident involved a self-inflicted injury due to what the DNR calls “carelessly handling a firearm and lack of muzzle control.”


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