Sheriff: Free Documentary Outlining Human Trafficking Trends To Be Shown

Hull, Iowa — The problem of human trafficking is one that for the most part, goes unseen in northwest Iowa. Not that it doesn’t happen — it’s just that it’s not usually very visible.

So, the Sioux County Sheriff’s Office is trying to make more people aware of the issue.

A documentary called “Gridshock” will be shown on Wednesday, January 24, 7:00 p.m., at the Western Christian High School Event Center. This opportunity is free to the public.

Sioux County Sheriff Jamie Van Voorst tells us more.

He tells us who it’s aimed at.

He says the documentary answers some questions.

Van Voorst says that when the words “human trafficking” are mentioned, most often we think of cartels, big cities, and other countries. We don’t think it happens here in small-town northwest Iowa. But he says “The truth is, human trafficking can be anywhere; sadly, literally right in our backyards. The sheriff says we may have the wrong impression about what kinds of people are committing these crimes.

He says we also may not set the scope wide enough when it comes to what kind of people may be vulnerable to this type of crime. He says many people think of kids being kidnapped from a box store or a convenience store, but he says while that happens, it’s not the only scenario.

Van Voorsts suggests high school juniors or seniors and older as the appropriate age group.

He says advocates from Team Iowa, Whispers of Love, Hope, & Joy, Family Crisis Centers, Van Voorst himself, and some deputies with special training in human trafficking will be there too and people can also have a discussion or ask questions after the viewing. There will also be the opportunity to speak privately to anyone on the panel.

You don’t need to preregister or buy tickets. It’s a free event. Just go to the Western Christian High School Event Center on Wednesday, January 24, at 7:00 p.m.