Celebrate a Child’s First Fish

fishing 1Commemorate the memory of a child hooking their first fish with a frameable certificate. You can print the certificate yourself from an electronic file posted online or request a printed certificate.

It’s easy and free to participate. There are no size, species or age requirements – only that it be the fish the angler has successfully landed.

Apply for a first fish certificate online at https://programs.iowadnr.gov/masterangler/ or complete the form in the Iowa Fishing Regulations and mail it in.

Family and friends can join in on the celebration by viewing the first catch photos of their children and other budding anglers.

Fishing is a great way for families and friends to enjoy being outdoors. Follow the simple tips for taking kids fishing the first time on the DNR website (fishing.iowadnr.gov) to help keep the experience fun and positive for the whole family.