ISP Looking To Upgrade Airplanes

Statewide Iowa — (RI) —┬áThe Iowa State Patrol is looking to replace some of its aging aircraft. Department of Public Safety Commissioner, Roxann Ryan, says they are asking for three-point-five million dollars outside their general budget for the planes.

Ryan says they will swap out the older planes as they buy new ones.

She says the airplanes are a valuable resource.

Ryan says the aircraft have been used to find missing elderly or young people, as well as helping find suspects.

Ryan says another request they have is to upgrade their technology. Getting more storage is part of that.

Ryan is proposing a general budget that is similar to last year at around 103 milion dollars. Ryan recently announced she is going to retire. She says it is time to focus on some other things.

Ryan joined the Department of Public Safety in 2006 as a lawyer and was appointed Public Safety Commissioner in 2015 by then Governor Terry Branstad.

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