Alton Murderer Sentenced In 1979 To Be Re-Sentenced

Fort Madison, Iowa — After some landmark decisions by both the US Supreme Court and the Iowa Supreme Court, a convicted murderer from Alton who has been in prison since the 1970’s is going to be re-sentenced.
Sioux County Attorney Thomas Kunstle tells us about John Walter Mulder.

Kunstle says multiple decisions in the courts have caused this situation.

Kunstle says Branstad’s thought was that this would eliminate the possibility of having to re-sentence all of the convicts to which the ruling applied. But it didn’t work out that way, he says.

Kuntsle says both sides will suggest appropriate sentences in Mulder’s case, and Judge Steven Andreasen will rule on the sentencing. The hearing is set for February 12th. Kuntsle says Judge Andreasen will probably decide on the sentence at that time.

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