Sheldon McDonald’s To Let Some Pay With “Lovin'”

Sheldon, Iowa — If you go to the Sheldon McDonald’s restaurant from Monday through Valentine’s Day, you could be selected to pay with a very different form of payment.
Sheldon McDonalds
From February 2nd through the 14th, 2015 McDonald’s will accept “Lovin’” as a form of currency.

With the launch of McDonald’s “Pay with Lovin’” commercial on the big game this Sunday, the company is bringing the idea to life in Sheldon. Some lucky customers at the Sheldon McDonald’s restaurant will be selected through a randomized process at predetermined times and engaged to pay with a “Lovin’” act instead of money.

These acts could be such things as calling your mom and telling her that you love her, sharing a family hug, or telling your son why you love him, for instance.

McDonald’s also encourages people to share their “Lovin’” stories and experiences online by tagging @McDonalds on Twitter and following the conversation on McDonald’s Tumblr.

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