Area Gas Prices Dropping In Time For Christmas

gas pumpNorthwest Iowa — A near-record number of travelers will be on the highways this Christmas holiday, due in part to falling retail gasoline prices.  It will cost less to fill up this Christmas than last year, according to the AAA.

The national average for a gallon of unleaded 10% ethanol blend in $2.01 per gallon, while prices here in northwest Iowa are even below that level.

In a brief survey of area gasoline prices Wednesday morning, we discovered the price of unleaded 10% ethanol blend ranged from a low of $1.85 in Rock Rapids to an area high of $1.99 in the Alton/Orange City area.

Prices by area town are as follows:  Sheldon, $1.89 a gallon; Sanborn $1.95; Alton/Orange City $1.99; Rock Rapids $1.85; Hull $1.89; Sibley $1.94; and George $1.89.

So, at least for motorists, it looks like it will be a very Merry Christmas.