Congressman Feenstra Visits Sheldon Middle School

Sheldon, Iowa — At the invitation of Sheldon Middle School Principal Cindy Barwick, northwest Iowa’s Congressman, Randy Feenstra, visited the school on Friday.

Feenstra, a Republican from Hull, was taken on a tour of the school, popping into several classrooms for a few words and a quick view of what was being taught. Afterwards, the Congressman held a question-and-answer session with some of the student leaders at Sheldon Middle School. The questions, while different from what their parents might ask, were no less challenging, ranging from, “What is your favorite sport,” to “If you could do anything differently in your life up until now, what would it be?” Feenstra told the group that he was a basketball player in high school because he’s somewhat tall, but he also told them that he plays baseball three times a week in Washington, DC with his fellow representatives. He noted that it is a great experience, as some of his best friends in DC are now people from the opposite party that he plays baseball with. Feenstra says that it’s important to get to know people, especially your political opponents, as people and not just someone from the other side. And as far as what he’d do differently — Feenstra says he would have studied harder in high school.

Feenstra really seemed to enjoy his time at Sheldon Middle School.

We also asked him what his priorities are in Washington right now.

Feenstra says he’s proud to represent northwest Iowa.

From Sheldon, Feenstra was headed for a meeting with restaurant operators in the Iowa Great Lakes area.


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