County Recorder Advises Of Scam Letter

Rock Rapids, Iowa — A letter that looks like it could be from your county recorder’s office is actually a scam.

That’s according to Lyon County Recorder, Amie Griesse. Griesse tells us that the scam first came to light in Webster County. She says the Webster County Recorder’s Office recently assisted a resident with questions about a confusing letter they received, which was quickly identified as a scam and reported to local law enforcement.

She says the letter claimed to be from something called “County Deed Records” with false information about the recipient’s home warranty expiration date. The letter also contained a “renewal fee voucher” for $199, which resembles a check and requests immediate action to call or be left vulnerable to repair costs. The Iowa County Recorders Association in partnership with Iowa Land Records confirm that this information is not legitimate. She says they tell us that similar illegitimate letters have been found across the country.

The recorders’ association says that thankfully, in the Webster County incident, the resident came into the Webster County Recorder’s office with questions before taking any action. They ask that if you or someone you know has received a letter claiming to be from the County Deed Records, please DO NOT RESPOND to the letter in any way.

They say:
Do not pay
Do not call
Do not go to the website
Do not return any mail requests

Webster County Recorder, Lindsay Laufersweiler, says, “Scams are everywhere! Thankfully this individual came into the office to research. This mailing was NOT sent by County Recorders. [Please remember to] do your research and ask questions. You’ll be glad you did!”



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