Don’t Let Summer Holiday Fun Result In You Being On A Ventilator

Statewide Iowa — (RI) — Many traditional 4th of July weekend festivals and fireworks displays have been called off this year due to the pandemic, and Iowans who plan gatherings with friends and family are urged to take health precautions.

Mask wearing is still very important, according to Shelby Kroona, Hamilton County’s public health director. She fears a sharp uptick in COVID-19 cases if people don’t use common sense.

(As above) “We want to see our friends and neighbors, but please do it responsibly,” Kroona says. “Wear a mask and keep yourself distanced away from people.”

Maintaining that six-foot space can be irritating, especially after many of us have been isolated for so long. Still, Kroona says it’s crucial.

(As above) “If you’re feeling ill, please don’t go,” Kroona says. “I know it’s hard to stay home, but we could potentially see a spike here in five to seven days.”

With warm weather in the holiday weekend forecast, Kroona fears thousands of people will be drawn to Iowa’s parks, beaches, lakes and rivers, raising the risk for transmitting the disease.



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